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Our "Know Why"

Know how everyone has understand "o por que" of having a know why!

We are your offshore marketing agency, Located in Macaé - RJ operating in the market since 2012. Meeting the needs of companies worldwide and with 24h support.


We are committed to helping you build strong brands and grow your business, with a focus on industrial, offshore and sustainability marketing.

Our goal is to offer the best marketing solutions to help achieve the best results, with a highly qualified and experienced team. We have a differentiated approach and solutions to make your company unique.

amis an acronym, it means Sustainability On Us that means Sustainability on our own, created, propagated and looked after by our marketing analyst Cleber de Moraes.

A unique and resistant policy on the market for 11 years. Where we create together we created marketing strategies to accustom companies and advertisers to opt for clean and economical marketing, to obtain more results and less pollutants for our planet.

If you are looking for a marketing agency that understands your needs and helps you achieve your goals, SOU Marketing Offshoreit is the perfect choice.

Our energy is infinite!

We motivate, train, learn and test the ideas of our employees with great care.  So we develop and market for customers who love innovation and audacity.


Sustainability On Us is an Ownership Factory,  making them with a “feeling of ownership”,to achieve excellent results, seeking innovation and ideas every day, Employees with this vision have much moreknow whyproving that having just "Know How" is not enough to generate results, at SOU we accompany the advances in business needs, thus creating creative solutions for our dear customers.

A company without employees?

Be careful when following a Boss Fool and with a closed mind, because for him you are just another pawn on the chess table. With this experience, we understand that the concept of employee is for those who "work", a creative team doesn't function as a piece that can be replaced when the "Boss" wants it.


We are thinking minds, with incredible competence, we have life experience, a willingness to learn and we generate satisfactory results.

"We do not judge delays and absences.   Our success is the satisfaction of employees and customers.

Are you tired of the system?

Forget all limitations and lack of recognition in your past, the time is now to show your full potential and help the world to free itself from the bonds created by those who cultivate ignorant to rule. No more being labeled, used or denied by people who seek only profit above all and humiliation above all.

Go to a mirror and say to yourself:
  "I AM competent, and I will do my best to make the world a happier place."

"And then...

Which pill are you going to take?"

exit system

stay in the system

"This is your last chance... If you take the blue pill, end of story: you'll wake up in your bed and believe what you want. If you take the red one, you'll be in wonderland, and I'll show you How far does the rabbit hole go?

Remember, the only thing I offer is the truth, nothing more."

Morpheus - The Matrix by Russell Blackford

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